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How It Works

Step #1: You Text Us

Once you sign up for Smooth TC, all it takes is a quick text for us to start working on your transaction. We can also integrate into your business and systems in a number of ways. Ask your client success director how!

Step #2: We Work Our Magic

Our job is to handle everything we can possible handle to make the process and smooth and hands-free for you. This includes writing addendums, entering listings to the MLS, integrating with your business & systems, communicating with vendors, organizing photo shoots, appointments, etc.

Step #3: We Close

Once a transaction closes we all get paid and celebrate. You only pay when transactions close. We offer a simple, cost-effective pricing structure for all types of transactions (buy side, sell side, both) in all 50 states.

One Simple Pricing Structure To Rule Them All

Buy-side Transaction coordination
Billed upon closing, no other costs
  • ✔ Verifying all contracts & addendums are executed
  • ✔ Ensuring all required addendums are included with the contract
  • ✔ Executing addendums (if needed, but NO negotiating)
  • ✔ Providing copies of the contract and all relevant addendums to the Lender, Buyer(s), Seller(s) and/or Listing Agent, and Title Company
  • ✔ Opening file with the title company or attorney (if in an attorney-to-close state)
  • ✔ Ordering home warranty (if applicable)
  • ✔ Ensuring all parties are aware of what’s needed for a successful closing and are kept up to date on all timelines, contingencies, and appointments
  • ✔ Communicating with the buyer
  • ✔ Communicating with the listing agent
  • ✔ Communicating with title companies or attorneys (if in an attorney-to-close state)
  • ✔ Communicating with the lender and following up on loan status
  • ✔ Keeping the Buyer/Seller on track to submit lender documents in a timely fashion
  • Can coordinate transactions in all 50 states in the USA
  • ✔ Scheduling Inspections, Appraisals, Walkthroughs, and Closing times
  • ✔ Ensuring all parties are aware of closing location & time, and that the clients are aware of what is needed for closing
  • ✔ Requesting final HUD 1 from the title company and providing to the agent for review
  • ✔ Submitting file for brokerage compliance
  • ✔ Completing and submitting commission disbursement forms for closing
  • Wondering if we can do anything else too? Just ask us
  • * California and Hawaii are an extra $100 for the additional work involved in those states *
Sell-side Transaction coordination
Billed upon closing, no other costs
  • Everything in "Buy-Side" transaction as applicable to the selling side plus...
  • ✔ Preparing listing paperwork and send for signature(s) (Listing Agreement- MLS Data Sheet- Disclosures- etc.)
  • Entering listing into the MLS
  • ✔ Coordinating and scheduling of photos
  • ✔ Coordinating and scheduling of sign post to be placed at the property as well as removal after closing
  • * California and Hawaii are an extra $100 for the additional work involved in those states *
Dual-side Transaction coordination
Billed upon closing, no other costs
  • Everything in "Buy-Side" and "Sell-Side" transactions
  • ✔ For the transactions you want to coordinate both sides for
  • * California and Hawaii are an extra $50 for the additional work involved in those states *

Once you get access to our dedicated transaction coordinators, you will be able to...

  • Coordinate transactions in all 50 states
  • Coordinate transactions in both title agency and attorney-to-close states
  • Save time and headaches to help scale your business
  • Get us started on a transaction at the simple send of a text, email, phone call (or whatever works for you)
  • ​Integrate our TC's into your current business systems and channels (if applicable)
  • ​Let us handle everything from A - Z (appointments, vendor communication, client communication, writing addendums, staying on top of timelines, etc.)
  • ​Send us transactions in bulk (we can handle it!)

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